What is it?

The construction sector has jointly developed a new method for occupational safety related general briefng – named ePerehdytys


ePerehdytys ensures that anyone will have sufcient basic information for safe working at the construction site and avoiding work related risks and accidents already when coming to the site. This enables focussing on the briefng of site and tasks related issues at the
construction site.

  • Safe working methods improve quality.
  • Performed on the Internet once a year.
  • Valid at all construction sites for one year.
  • Similar briefng to all employees in their native language.
  • Possible to do on computer and all mobile devices.
  • The content is always up to date and complying with legislation.
  • Occupational safety improves, accident rate reduces.


ePerehdytys can be carried out beforehand on the Internet. Positive result will be valid at all construction sites for 12 months. Te result will immediately be displayed in the card of system Valttikortti, so it is easy to prove it at the construction site.

Rakennusmedia and RATEKO, included in Rakennusteollisuus RT, are responsible for developing the service. The content is developed in cooperation with the member companies of the project. The Finnish Construction Trade Union (Rakennusliitto), Pro, Regional State
Administrative Agency (Aluehallintovirasto), STUL, RKL, RIA, RIL, and RAKLI are involved in the development process.